My aim is to provide sole proprietorships, small shops or professional groups, and Mom and Pop operations with an attractive website at an affordable price.

My current focus is on mobile device friendly ‘Responsive Design’. With the rapidly increasing use of Smartphones in particular, you want to have a website that will display well and work with the unique requirements of a touch screen interface.

 I primarily do informational, or brochure sites as they are called. Your website is the place people will go to learn about your product or service, where it is, and when it’s open and, unlike your physical business, your website is open 24/7.

The Yellow Pages are so yesterday! Compared to even a small ad a website is very economical and available at the touch of a button, and with more and more people using their Cell phone as their primary phone, fewer and fewer people have a phone book at all.

If you have only a few items you would like to sell online and you have a Paypal account, I can set up product pages on your website.