(I know. This is a picture of Silent Bob. Give me a minute to sit with a photographer, will ya?)

My name is John Todd and I have been doing business as PixlGraphics since 2010 and involved in web design since 2006. I build websites for small businesses that might ordinarily think a stylish and functional website is beyond their resources.

By providing a comprehensive package that, along with your website, can include all hosting and administration, you are free of yet another task complicating your already busy business life. As a sole proprietor or other ultra small business you have enough to do keeping up to date with your own business skills and the ever increasing amount of regulation and tax headaches.

I keep current with web design trends so you can be sure your new website will reach the broadest possible audience, regardless of the device they are using, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, or more traditional laptop or desktop computer.